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Consolidating Capacity for Reduced TCO

22TB drives deliver maximum storage density. As drive refresh cycles come around, it's an ideal time to review your storage density to ensure your investment is optimised for the long-term to make best use of the 5-year warranty2 period. Let's take a look at some of the key refresh scenarios:

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Direct replacement - worst case scenario

If you are upgrading a rack filled with 10TB1 drives, direct replacement with fresh 10TB1 drives, will not future-proof your systems for data-growth by upgrading your capacity per drive and optimising your storage density..

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Capacity increase - short term low ROI

If you plan for an approximate 50% increase in storage capacity to a 16TB1 drive, you will achieve the objective of more storage. The downside is that you have not optimised for storage density and power savings.

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Optimised storage density - long term TCO reduction

To maximize your storage investment, the consideration needs to go beyond basic capacity per drive. Replacing 10TB1 drives with 22TB1 drives provides over 2x in storage density in the same rack space. This reduces your rack space overhead by ~50% and delivers a power reduction of up to 64% over 5 years (450KWh).

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