Corporate Venture Investments


Clevetura LTD is a design house, focused on the development of TouchOnKeys® technology and products with it. TouchOnKeys® adds a touch layer to a traditional keyboard. It enables a user to control the pointer, click, scroll, zoom and make other gestures directly on the keyboard surface like on a touchpad. Keys are well pressable with good ambience because of their reliable scissors mechanics.

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Embio Diagnostic

EMBIO Diagnostics is a rapidly growing biotech company that designs and develops innovative, portable, biosensor-based digital devices for rapid diagnostics. We are creating the future with in-house know-how of complex algorithm building combined with AI and machine learning. Our devices find applications covering the needs of a wide range of industries including environmental, food safety, maritime and medical sectors.

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IO. Clinic is a pioneer in the development of ionization of daily products, which radically transform the beauty and household care industry around the world. All products are based on a patented active ionized formula. Together with active substances, ions penetrate deeper than similar compounds, and all processes take place at the molecular level, enriching with pure energy and guaranteeing renewal and safety of use.

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SIA Joule Production develops and manufactures hi-tech smart devices for home and medical devices. We apply science and technology to advance the living standards for everyone and protect people from viruses in our daily life.

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Real Scientists 

R.SC. REAL SCIENTISTS CYPRUS LTD is a research and development startup under the umbrella of ASBIS group. The company conducts research in electrochemistry and cold plasma. It presents an outstanding collaborations of the experts in physics, biomedicine and  engineering to bring composite atmospheric cold plasma technology to the market. 

Display Force

AI-based SaaS platform for actionable, measurable, ROI-based trade-marketing. In-store as online. Displayforce helps Brands, Distributors, and Retailers to increase the efficiency of in-store marketing campaigns with AI. Brands spend less, Distributors and Retailers get more budgets.
Displayforce provides an algorithm to get access to first-party audience data. This is data of shoppers, their numbers, dwell time, emotions, gender, age, and 15+ other attributes. The platform calculates quantitative metrics like number of visitors, cost of visitor, CPM, and conversion rates.
The platform allows to run real-time performance-based Digital Signage campaigns and monetize digital screens with programmatic ad selling. 

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Promed Bioscience Ltd

Promed Bioscience, founded in 2017 by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and entrepreneurs is a biotech company that produces collagen-based biomaterials, including highly purified medical-grade atelocollagen, to address emergent needs in the research and medical fields. Promed Bioscience aims to provide science-based solutions as the aging of the population presents new challenges to health and wellbeing by developing high quality collagen products from animal tissue and distributing them internationally for a wide range of research, clinical and cosmeceutical applications.

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RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd

RSL Revolutionary Labs, founded in 2018, is a healthcare-focused biotech company, offering unique skincare formulations designed in collaboration with scientists, dermatologists and oncology specialists and validated through vigorous R&D and clinical data, to address emergent needs in oncology patients. RSL provides unique natural products with the addition of novel molecularly engineered medical grade biomaterials specially formulated to alleviate skin irritation and promote wound and burn healing in cancer-associated skin conditions. 

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