Premium Retail Business Unit

iPremium Retail Business Unit

We have a network of 24 Apple monobrand stores under names iSpace and iOn operated by ASBC business unit of ASBIS Group with the prestigious status of Apple Premium Partner. The geo coverage includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

At the end of September 2022, ASBIS opened the biggest Apple showroom in Central Asia. The new iSpace store is located in the luxurious Esentai Mall in Almaty. Almaty has a population of around 2 million and it is the industrial, cultural, and scientific center of the country.

The store has 350 m2 of space and is designed as an Apple brand showroom. Here customers will be able to buy original Apple products and see the functionality of individual products, either repair or exchange damaged equipment.

ASBC expands its network of monobrand premium stores to Bang & Olufsen, Loewe.