Experts in distribution. Inventors at heart.

ASBIS Group is one of the leading distributors of Information & Communications Technology in EMEA markets and a creator of custom business solutions and consumer electronics for the general public.

Experts in distribution. 
Inventors at heart.


ASBIS was founded in 1990 by Serhei Kostevitch – a man with a passion for technology and a background in microelectronics R&D. He saw the immense potential in the upcoming computer industry and his dream was to work on developing this direction. In 1995 we incorporated the holding company in Cyprus and moved the headquarters to Limassol. And in 1997, ASBIS was already recognized by vendors as the fastest growing distributor of computer components in the EMEA region, reaching over 100 million USD in revenue. In 2007 the company completed an IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange. With the growth of our distribution business, we also began creating our own technology. Our focus was on consumer products that could provide the best value for money to the mass market.Gradually, our brands grew to include unique and innovative technology that was very enthusiastically received and inspired us to develop further in this direction. Today, ASBIS has offices in 27 countries and employs over 2,000 people. We are aiming to continue our growth, bringing new technology to more places and taking more people on this journey with us.



  • We follow high standards of integrity and maintain openness in communication, striving to build trust with everyone we interact with at every stage of cooperation.
  • We believe that a competent, motivated, well-trained and a diverse team will be able to deliver on ASBIS strategy and develop the Company.


  • We respect individuality, provide equal opportunities and encourage diversity in opinions and approaches to work, creating an environment where people of different nationalities, cultures, religions, ages, and genders can feel comfortable and engaged.
  • We believe that a competent, motivated, well-trained and a diverse team will be able to deliver on ASBIS strategy and develop the Company.


  • We work with advanced technologies, but most importantly we work with people, so strong and mutually beneficial relationships are the foundation of our success.
  • We take pride in the team spirit of our employees, their enthusiasm and skill, which we try to maintain knowing that together we can achieve great things.


  • Strong leaders lead by example. We strive to be an example for others and help develop leadership skills in our employees.
  • Our desire to develop professional skills and personal qualities allows us to grow leaders whose example inspires all team members and makes us stronger.

ASBIS Coprorate Updates

Key financial information 2022 In 2022 ASBIS has achieved the following results: Sales revenue 2 690 000 000 USD Gross profit margin 8.47% Operating profit 111 000 000 USD Net profit 75 900 000 USD