Robotic Palletizing solution to streamline production workflow

High load repetitive palletizing tasks can be successfully handled by cobot. Solution speeds up a workflow and provides the ability to utilize the workforce for tasks requiring higher cognitive capacities

Robotic Palletizing solution to streamline production workflow

Solution Benefits

Increased production workflow

A robot runs 4m/s and palletizes 24-hours with no break. This speed up goods exchange without increasing warehouse facilities.

Improve consistency

Palletizing robot follows the program. There are no human-related errors and the result is consistent. You can be sure that palletizing is done according to your needs.

Supplement staff shortages

Labor prices for repetitive and high payload tend to go higher. During pandemic times labor is more limited. After a short setup the Palletizing robot is ready to work.


Within 10ms robotic arm detects human presence and stops moving to avoid contact and injuries until the object moves away. Then robot resumes operation without compromising production automatically.

Reduce costs

Robotic Palletizing solution minimizes running costs. There are no salaries, sick leaves and benefits to pay for extra load. This results in less the 2 years ROI from Palletizing automation.

Financial Calculation 1 (16 hours 5/2)

ROI 15 Month

  • 3 Palletizing solutions
  • 1 Operator per shift
  • 2 Shifts
  • 5 Working days/ 2 weekdays

Financial Calculation 2 (24/7 365 days)

ROI during the first year

  • 3 Palletizing solutions
  • 1 Operator per shift
  • 3 Shifts
  • 365 working days 24/7

Solution Composition

  • DOBOT CR10 robotic arm with 8kg payload
  • Vacuum Gripper
  • Adjustable Pedestal for 2 pallets operation
  • Pallet Sensor
  • Box Sensor
  • I/O Parts for Safety Features
  • Control Buttons
  • Teach Pendant


Simple programming

Enter pallet dimensions - Enter Box dimension - Build Pallet pattern - Check task Feasibility

Two pallet palletizing

While the staff is assisting the solution with a pallet changing, the robot continues to perform with the second pallet.

Adjustable pedestal

Provides extensive reach.

Different pallet patterns setup

For safe goods transportation and appropriate labeling

Increased Security

Solution supports light curtains and laser scanners from third parties to ensure safety of the workplace.

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