Autonomous mixed floor cleaning solution for the Hotel industry

Embrace the power of robotics to guarantee outstanding cleanliness in hotel lobbies and corridors with mixed flooring. The automated solution is a valuable investment that promotes hospitality excellence and maximizes guest satisfaction

Autonomous mixed floor cleaning solution for the Hotel industry

Manual cleaning challenges in the hotel area

  • Increased focus on operational excellence
  • Constant need for floor maintenance in a high-traffic environment
  • Inconsistent cleaning leads to poor results
  • High employee turnover and absence rates
  • Inaccurate activity tracking and reporting

Solution Composition

Cleaning robot

The autonomous robot can integrate vacuuming, sweeping, and dust mopping together. With its powerful 24 kPa suction motor and cleaning efficiency of up to 1200 m²/h, the solution is designed to handle large areas.

Charging station

The robot returns to the dock to recharge after a cleaning automation task is completed. It requires minimal human maintenance to operate continuously.

Solution Benefits

Autonomous cleaning

The cleaning solution performs autonomously with high productivity. It follows a predetermined area and performs self-charging without human support.

Quality and consistency

The robotic solution ensures perfect floor cleaning results. It performs tirelessly to get a consistent result, even in a complex environment like a hotel.


Free up the room service team from tedious and repetitive floor cleaning with a robotic solution. Robotics covers a considerable amount of the entire cleaning area while the personnel is allowed to engage in more value-adding tasks.

Remote monitoring

The user can set up automation tasks in a cleaning schedule through mobile and Web platforms. Operators can also review cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing.

ROI and cost saving

The cleaning robot operates independently with minimal support and maintenance. Furthermore, the autonomous solution can decrease operational costs, resulting in significant savings for the business.

Cumulative operational expenses 5-year plan

  • Reduce costs and enhance guest satisfaction with our robotic cleaning solutions. The autonomous machines provide 24/7 cleaning services, resulting in improved financial performance in the long term. Consider leasing options for immediate benefits.
  • The lease option is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized companies as it begins saving costs immediately after implementation. 
  • A one-time investment may provide greater savings in the long term but requires a larger upfront investment. The solution returns all the investment in less than 9 months from implementation. 

Application scenarios

Hotel lobby

Hotel corridor

Hotel restaurant

Consistent quality on any floor

The versatile solution is designed to work with all types of hotel floors, featuring an adjustable suction level, roller speed, and brush height for optimal cleaning results. The robot can automatically adjust its cleaning mode based on the flooring material, ensuring optimal performance every time.

Multi-floor coverage

The solution uses LoRa communication technology to connect and communicate with elevator systems. This allows it to expand its cleaning capabilities effortlessly beyond a single floor, ensuring that every level of your hotel is spotless.

Dynamic obstacle detection

Equipped with advanced simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) & Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technologies, the solution allows superb perception of the environment to adjust the cleaning path accordingly. Utilizing smart algorithms, it can safely navigate around guests, luggage, or static objects, ensuring a safe and efficient cleaning experience

Sanitization and scenting modular extension

Robotic solution uses ultrasonic atomization to evenly distribute disinfectant for a clean and hygienic environment. In addition to keeping your floors clean and virus-free, it also helps improve air quality with its medical-grade H13 HEPA filter and optional aroma oil infuser

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