Autonomous floor cleaning for the manufacturing industry

Upgrade floor maintenance to an autonomous level. Utilize robotic cleaning solutions for consistent cleaning effect with low human interaction and benefit for people’s safety

Autonomous floor cleaning for the manufacturing industry

Cleaning challenges in the production area

  • Constant need for floor maintenance in a production environment
  • Strict laws and regulations on workplace health and safety
  • Limited management time for cleaning planning, monitoring, and reporting
  • Increased focus on operational excellence following 5S lean manufacturing strategy
  • High employee turnover and absence rate
  • Inconsistent cleaning effect

Cleaning solution composition

Cleaning robot

Autonomous cleaning robots perform various cleaning tasks such as scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and degreasing simultaneously. It is highly efficient and can clean up to 2000 sqm per hour, making it perfect for cleaning large industrial spaces.

Automatic workstation

Workstation minimizes human involvement as cleaning robot autonomously can go back to recharge batteries, dispose of waste, and refill its tank with clean water

Solution Benefits

Cost Savings and ROI

The autonomous cleaning solution operates independently, with minimal need for human involvement. It leads to a decrease in cleaning expenses for manufacturing operations.

Efficiency and Quality

The robotic solution frees up cleaning personnel from hours of floor cleaning, allowing them to focus on specific cleaning tasks to ensure perfect floor cleaning results. The solution performs tirelessly to achieve consistent results.

Increased Safety

The self-guided cleaning robot is equipped with over 20 sensors, ensuring superb perception for smart obstacle avoidance in complex manufacturing environments. Increasing overall safety, it can work in areas that are dangerous for people.

Remote Monitoring and Control

The user can easily set up a cleaning schedule and monitor the robot's performance through mobile and web platforms. By reviewing cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing, operators can manage and control the cleaning process more effectively.

Cumulative expenses comparison between manual labour solution leas and one-time investment options

  • The graph compares the cumulative expenses for one-time investment and leasing options assuming a 7-day, 3-shift cleaning schedule.
  • The lease option is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized companies as it begins saving costs immediately after implementation. 
  • A one-time investment may provide greater savings in the long term but requires a larger upfront investment. The solution returns all the investment in less than 14 months from implementation.

Cleaning scenarios at manufacturing facilities

Production Floors

Pedestrian walkways

Manufacturing residual hazards

Storage Spaces

Cleaning solution features

Ergonomic manual mode

The cleaning solution has a stand-on pedal and steering wheel, which allows the operator to drive the machine while standing on it. Additionally to autonomous cleaning, this enables the operator to perform a ride-behind cleaning.

High brush pressure

The autonomous robotic cleaner has a 45kg brush pressure and can rotate 270 degrees to effectively clean the manufacturing floor of dust, oil, and debris.

Water saving

A 5-level filtration system is incorporated into the cleaning solution. It automatically filters and reuses water, leading to a reduction of up to 80% in freshwater consumption. This results in cost savings and environmental impact reduction.

Grease decontamination

The robotic cleaner has an oil decontamination function. With up to 4 litres of detergent and adjustable power programs, the autonomous solution removes oil and grease from surfaces for impeccable results.

Traffic avoidance

In addition to LiDAR, 3D Cameras, and 2D Laser, the Scrubber 75P is also equipped with millimeter-wave radar for faster and more accurate perception of the object’s movements. In real-time it recognizes people and logistics operations, and pulls over or stops for safety.

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