Robotic welding solution for structural steel constructions

Solution picks up components and holds them during automatic robotic welding. Using a vision system, it compares the parts to a 3D model to ensure an accurate final product.

Robotic welding solution for structural steel constructions


Defective parts rejection at scanning stage

Laser vision system compare real parts with 3D models and let operator know if it fits .

Pre-process simulations

The solution simulates an assembly in the software environment to make sure there are no errors.

Automated assembly

No programmers and welders needed. Industrial robots manipulate with objects and process welding.

Impressive ROI

Two robotic arms solution performs the same as 6 welders do. ROI below 12 months.

How it works

Place the I-beam on the stand

Place parts for assembling on the workbench

Scan Metal I-beam and pieces by robotic arm to make sure that parts sizing corresponds 3D model.

Run assembling simulation to see the process modelling and number of I-beam turns.

Robots process the welding autonomously. One robots holds the parts, the other weld.

Replace a ready construction with the next one

High precision assembly parts identification

Fast AI-based path planner

Works with geometrically imperfect workpieces

Works with imperfectly cut workpieces

Companies to benefit from the solution

Steel construction companies

Ports and marine structures companies

Agricultural equipment producers

Heavy equipment and truck companies

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