Autonomous cleaning solution for shopping malls

Ensure clean and hygienic shopping mall premises by utilizing an autonomous robotic solution. Save cleaning costs and promote your retail facility with cleanliness emphasizes.

Autonomous cleaning solution for shopping malls

Application scenarios

Main halls


Retail gallery

Food Court Floor

Entertainment Zone

Cleaning Solution composition

  • Autonomous cleaning solution is a combination of cleaning robots and working stations. With sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping features, the robot takes care of mundane commercial space cleaning.
  • Working stations charge batteries and change the water to support robots’ autonomous operation and reduce human intervention.

Solution benefits

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ROI and cost saving

Solution performs floor cleaning autonomously. People interaction reduces to daily maintenance and short guidance. Less manual labor is required, which lowers cleaning expenses for floor maintenance.

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Quality and Efficiency

Autonomous cleaners deliver top class cleaning with sweeping, scrubbing and mopping. Free up valuable staff time from hours of floor scrubbing with an automatic robot that can clean up to 14,000m2 daily.

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Measurable result

Assess detailed productivity metrics, sector-level coverage maps, and detailed reports of each cleaning operation using a smart mobile application

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More than 20 sensors assure obstacle avoidance and accidence free operation. Parking lot and warehouse solutions have millimeter-wave radars for faster and more accurate perception of vehicle movements

Scrubber 75 at the mall

Financial benefit from Robotic cleaning

  • Robotic floor cleaning offers significant savings in comparison with conventional ride-on machines. The solution operates autonomously, human involvement demands less than 20% of the usual floor cleaning time. This results in significant savings whether you choose a one-time purchase or leasing option to launch robotic cleaning in the facility.
  • Making a one-time investment can be the most profitable option in the long run, but it requires an upfront cost. The return on investment is expected to be achieved within 12 months
  • Leasing provides a rapid solution deployment with a small initial investment. This option starts saving floor cleaning budget right after the deployment.

Cleaning solution features 

Autonomous cleaning

Robotic cleaners follow a preset schedule and a cleaning zone. It perceives environmental updates and reroutes. With workstation it charges, changes the water and continues cleaning without human interaction

Adaptable cleaning tool

Featuring a 45kg brush pressure and 270° rotation, the robotic solution thoroughly cleans floor challenging areas that are often neglected by conventional cleaning machines.

Water saving

5-Stage filtration system reuses water and saves up to 80% freshwater consumption

Ergonomic Manual Mode

Solution equipped with stand-on pedal and steering wheel to effortlessly carry the machine for ride-on cleaning

Shopping mall promotion

Leverage state-of-the-art technology to stand out and attract more customers. Capture the attention of adults seeking modern cleaning care, while fascinating children by the novelty of robotics.

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